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Treet vs. Spam For Your Emergency Food Storage

    There have been countless praises for folks using Spam as a meat source for their Emergency Food Storage.  Some people have said it was terrible but others have commented how good it was.  I have eaten Spam, but I have also eaten a product called Treet.  While some people may not like Treet or Spam, I like them both, but I prefer Treet simply because of the lower cost of the product.  A few people even said they can distinctly tell the difference between the two.  I grew up eating an occasional fried Treet or Spam sandwich, and I thought after frying either of them, they were equally as good.  I also feel like in a taste test with back to back samples of each, people really wouldn't be able to tell which was which.   
     The difference in sodium is only 30 mg.  I doubt the palates of most of the population can differentiate between sodium content at that level when both products are relatively high. 
     I think there is no need for taking strong sides in the Treet vs. Spam comparison, although people have done so.  People should be grateful that there is a low cost meat product out there that serves them well as a Prepper storage food.  The cost is really where the big difference comes into play.  Spam costs 40% more than Treet, i.e., $2.48 vs. $1.50, and both are relatively the same as far as nutrition goes, and both are rather salty.  However, I see lots of pictures of people's pantries on YT showing case after case of Ramen Noodles in their food storages.  Now that's a salty product!
     It all boils down to personal preference and an extra $0.98 per can to pay for the Spam, when they have basically the same value when the an emergency strikes:

To put food in your growling belly!
Treet vs. Spam Evaluation

Items for Comparison:                            Treet                         Spam
Cost                                                        $1.50                        $2.48
Cost Difference:                                  40% less                    40% more
Main Ingredients on Label:            Chicken & Pork           Pork with Ham
Ounces per Container:                              12                              12
Serving Size in Ounces:                             2                                 2
Servings per Container:                             6                                 6
Calories per Serving:                              140                             180
Fat Calories                                            100                             140
Total Fat in Grams:                                  11                               16
Saturated Fat in Grams:                         3.5                                 6
Trans Fat in Grams:                                  0                                  0
Cholesterol in mg:                                   50                                40
Sodium in mg:                                        820                              790
Total Carbs in Grams:                              4                                  1
Fiber in Grams:                                         0                                  0
Sugars in Grams:                                      2                                  0
Protein in Grams:                                      6                                  7
Vitamin A                                                  0%                               0%
Vitamin C                                                  0%                               0%
Calcium                                                    6%                               0%
Iron                                                           4%                               2%

     In summary, it would be good to have either meat product in your emergency food storage.  Another factor that makes them so popular is their distant best by dates which is a particularly important piece of information when it comes to emergency food storage.  I bought these two cans last week, and the best by dates are as follows: 

Treet - September 2016;
Spam - December 2016. 

     Take your pick of either one, but in my opinion, I suggest having several cans of one or the other in your emergency food storage.  I would simply buy whichever one was less expensive, and for me, that's Treet. With the cost savings, I can buy a can of Beach Cliff Fish Steaks for my preps.
     Keep building your preps, even if it's only one or two cans at a time, and put them in a separate place if you don't have one already.  Don't forget matches and cigarette lighters for lighting your candles.

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