Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Sardine Warning

     This is a short post to share with you something that I discovered while at the grocery store. As a lover of sardines, I have a large quantity in our family's food storage. My favorite is the Beach Cliff Fish Steaks. The larger types are just as flavorful, but you just have to cut them up.

     When I was at Wal-Mart a few days ago, I stopped to check the best by dates of the current Beach Cliff products on the shelves. Sometimes those dates are found on the top of the can and sometimes the bottom. Since it's easier to read the date when it's on the bottom of the can because there's no other labeling there to make it difficult, I automatically look there first. I turned the can over and I was shocked by what I read!
"Partially produced with genetic engineering."

This particular can was processed in Canada.

 This particular can was processed in Poland.

     So no matter where it's processed, they have changed its composition and now it's come to this, that the lowly sardine is now contaminated by mankind!

     Since I have many dozens of cans of sardines in my family's food storage, when I got home I immediately checked all my cans in order to make sure no genetically modified sardines had slipped in there, and thankfully there weren't any.

     I, for one, won't be buying any more Beach Cliff Sardines for my family. You might want to check yours to be sure they aren't GMO. If I had found any, I would have returned them to the store and exchanged them for something else.

Have a safe prepping day!
Bob Hotaling